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The art of balancing hormones


If your hormones are out of balance it can result in a number of health issues including irregular and painful periods, acne, mood swings, insomnia, over eating, under eating, cravings, low energy, low libido and infertility.

Hormone imbalance can be caused by a number of factors ranging from diet and lifestyle, inherited genetic traits, medications, stress and exposure to environmental toxins.

Simple things you can do to help balance your hormones and improve your health and wellbeing include:

1. Eat a wholefood diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables

2. Drink at least 2 litres of filtered water each day

3. Exercise regularly

4. Reduce your stress

5. Get a good night’s sleep

6. Avoiding plastics, perfumes, commercial cleaning products and other hormone disruptors

Herbal medicine is also extremely effective in balancing hormones and treating conditions associated with hormonal imbalance. Herbs have been used in traditional medicines around the world for thousands of years and are still utilized by naturopaths today. Here are some examples:

· In Ayurvedic medicine, Indian’s traditional health and healing system, the root of the herb Shatavari is used to treat menopausal hot flashes and PMS. Ashwaganda, also known as Indian ginseng, is used to promote fertility and energy in women.

· In traditional Chinese medicine Panax ginsengand Saw palmetto are indicated to promote male infertility and libido. Dong quai, a female tonic, also promotes fertility and regulates the menstrual cycle.

· Vitex agnus-castuswas used by Hippocrates (450BC) to treat women after they gave birth to restore health to their uterus. Today western herbal medicine uses this fruit to improve ovulation, regulate the menstrual cycle and treat PMS symptoms.

Herbal medicine, used in combination with diet and lifestyle changes can be extremely effective in treating conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, heavy and painful periods, irregular periods, endometriosis, acne, infertility in both men and women, stress and insomnia. Herbal medicine is also enormously beneficial during times of hormonal change such as puberty, postpartum, menopause and andropause.