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Beetroot and Chocolate Bliss Balls

These delicious chocolate bliss balls not only taste amazing but they contain lots of gut healing foods that will not only improve your gut motility but also increase your gut health by feeding the microbiome. Chia seeds are a full of…
Nut free cinnamon and oat protein balls
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Nut free cinnamon and oat protein balls

These nut free protein balls make a delicious energy boosting snack.  Keep them in your freezer for when you get a craving for a sweet treat.  Cinnamon is not only delicious, it can actually help regulate blood sugar by improving…
Omega-3's for conception, pregnancy

Omega-3’s for conception, pregnancy and a healthy baby

Omega-3's are typically recommended for helping maintaining a healthy heart, reducing inflammation in conditions such as arthritis and supporting the nervous system for mood disorders.  But did you know that these essential fatty acids…
Lemon bliss balls
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Lemon Bliss Balls

These lemon bliss balls are a lovely afternoon energy boost or satisfying after dinner sweet treat.  Cashew nuts are an excellent source of fibre, protein and healthy fats. They are also a good source of copper, magnesium, and…
Apple crumble
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Simple and delicious apple crumble

My cheats version of an apple crumble is super quick, healthy and easy to make. It is full of gut healing prebiotic fibre and a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen and getting them to eat more fibre.      Apples…
Mexican food for fussy families
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Mexican feast for fussy families

If you have children (or adults) who are reluctant to try new foods and eat their vegetable  serving meals family style is a great way to introduce new foods, have a fun family meal, start a discussion around meals and get everyone…
Iron deficiency in children and adults
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Iron deficiency in children and adults

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics states 40% of females aged 14 to 18 do not eat adequate amounts of iron rich foods and almost 15% of girls aged two to three years of age have inadequate iron intakes, while 8.5% of young boys have…
Gluten free brownies
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Gluten free Brownies

These gluten free brownies are a decadent and delicious sweet treat with a number of great health benefits. And they are so simple to make.   They are packed with protein, good fats and magnesium rich cacao.  Cacao…
Tomato sauce alternative
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Nomato Sauce – Tomato Sauce Alternative

This nomato sauce is a nightshade-free pasta sauce that’s made without tomatoes and other nightshade vegetables. It’s an ideal substitute for all your tomato based dishes like spaghetti Bolognese, casseroles, stews and pasta/pizza…