Mexican food for fussy families
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Mexican feast for fussy families

I work with fussy families to help them eat more nutrient rich foods with less fuss. This Mexican feast is one of my favourite meals for fussy families. Do you have a child who is reluctant to try new foods? Are your fussy family causing…
Gluten free brownies
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Gluten free Brownies

These gluten free brownies are a decadent and delicious sweet treat with a number of great health benefits. And they are so simple to make.   They are packed with protein, good fats and magnesium rich cacao.  Cacao…
Tomato sauce alternative
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Nomato Sauce – Tomato Sauce Alternative

My nomato sauce is a nightshade-free pasta sauce that’s made without tomatoes and other nightshade vegetables. It’s an ideal substitute for all your tomato based dishes like spaghetti Bolognese, casseroles, stews and pasta/pizza sauces.  Nightshades…
Nut milk
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How to make your own nut milk

Have you ever though about how to make your own nut milk? In my recent blog I discussed the best and the worse choices for milk.  If you are currently using store bought nut milk why don’t you have a go at making it yourself.  It is…
Curried chicken and pineapple quinoa bowl
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Curried chicken and pineapple quinoa bowl

Many parents say "my kids won't eat curry". My Curried chicken and pineapple quinoa bowl is a great way of introducing your kids to food with just a little spice.  The pineapple counters the warmth of the spice and adds a sweetness many…
Baked potatoes with healthy toppings
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Baked potatoes with lots of healthy toppings

Baked potatoes with lots of healthy toppings - don't tell them this is a healthy meal. Baked potatoes make an easy and versatile family meal.   Sweet potatoes make a great alternative to regular potatoes, they are high in fibre, vitamins…
Korean beef bowl
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Bibimbap – Korean beef bowl family style

Serving meals family style is a great way to get fussy eaters having fun. Bibimbap is a traditional Korean beef bowl, it contains rice, marinated beef, an assortment of vegetables, condiments and is topped with an egg, sunny side up.   I…
Vegetable risotto
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Warm and nourishing vegetable risotto

I recommend adding this warm and nourishing vegetable risotto to your recipe repertoire. As the nights get cooler and the days shorter, we begin to crave those hearty foods that provide us with comfort and nourishment throughout the winter…
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Vegetable packed frittata

For my vegetable packed frittata, you can ‘throw’ this healthy family meal together in about 10 minutes and it is so versatile, you can use whatever fresh or left over vegetables you have on hand.   This version is made with leek, tuscan…