Is stress impacting your health


Is stress impacting your health?

In our fast paced busy world it is unusual if you are not impacted by stress at some point. Stress is your body’s natural and protective response to potential danger, it isn’t always a bad thing, in fact, in small doses it can help you perform well under pressure and keep you focused.

When stress becomes chronic it can impact your body’s homeostasis and result in health issues such as anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, low mood, low self esteem, cravings, low energy and even elevated cholesterol. Chronic stress also depletes vital nutrients such as magnesium, B vitamins and vitamin D and this can lead to additional health problems.

Common habits of people suffering chronic stress include:

  • Coffee in the morning to get moving

  • Sugary snacks to boost energy

  • Salt cravings in the afternoon

  • Alcohol in the evening to wind down

So how do you manage stress today with your busy workload, long working hours, money worries and family demands?

As a naturopath I take a holistic approach to all health concerns including stress management. I listen to your needs and concerns and learn about the demands on you. Then I design a diet and lifestyle program that will help you make small changes and create good habits to manage stress and restore your health and wellbeing. To address stress, some of the lifestyles factors I look at in consultations include:

  • I ensure your nutritional needs are meet by your diet.

  • Introduce exercise and relaxation techniques that fit into your busy lifestyle.

  • Address sleep issues or insomnia.

  • Supplement vitamins and minerals if deficiencies are apparent.

  • Prescribe herbal medicine to support your stress response, calm the mind, restore the body and alleviate anxiety.

  • Help you break bad habits and adopt new healthy ones.