Breakfast oats
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Baked Breakfast Oats

My Baked Breakfast Oats make a speedy breakfast, nourishing afterschool snack or a warming dessert.   They are so simple to make, economical, and rich in nutrients to support your children’s growth and development.   We…
Herb and Quinoa salad
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Quinoa and herb salad

My family friendly quinoa and herb salad makes a delicious side dish to your favourite protein or a lovely light and fresh lunchtime salad. Quinoa is packed with protein and fibre. It is gluten free and so easy to prepare. Cook it using…
Is mould bad for your health by Jean Jarrett

Is mould bad for my health?

Is mould bad for my health?  What are the symptoms of mould exposure? With the recent severe wet weather conditions you are probably seeing mould pop up around your home.  No matter how clean or new your house is, mould…
Menopause nutrition Jean Jarrett Natural Health
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Foods for menopause – what to eat, what to avoid

Foods for menopause – what to eat, what to avoid Good nutrition and specific foods for menopause provide the key to healthy ageing and are beneficial for addressing menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats, fluctuating…
Buteyko breathing

Tips to help your breathing while wearing a face mask

Do you struggle with breathing while wearing a face mask? Wearing a face mask is an essential part of our daily lives and, while it may not be comfortable, it is important for protecting our health and slowing the spread of COVID-19 in…
4 quick and simple ways to cook fish

4 quick and simple ways to cook fish

Fish for dinner can be fast and delicious with my "4 quick and simple ways to cook fish". I recommend my clients eat fish 1-2 times each week.  It is an excellent source of iodine, selenium, zinc and an easily digestible protein.  Cooking…
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Which milk should I choose?

So often I'm asked "Which milk should I choose?:  Is cow’s milk ok?  Should I avoid soy?  Which nut milk is the most like cow’s milk?  The choice of milk is overwhelming and I understand why it is confusing! My answer is based…
POKE bowls healthy
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The perfect poke bowl

Would you like to make the perfect poke bowl? Poke bowls (pronounced ‘poh-kay’) are all the rage at the moment and with good reason, they are fun to make, full of healthy ingredients and bursting with umami flavour. Originating in Hawaii,…
Fussy eater
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Why won’t my children eat their veggies!

Eat your veggies! It is a common problem, parents often ask me Why won't my children eat their veggies! Getting children to eat their vegetables can be a daily battle for many parents.  Whether they are picky, stubborn or just…